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Business Credit Compliance

Business credit compliance programs help you to make sure that your business’s financial reports are in order so that when a lender takes a look at you they will feel comfortable lending to you. The easier you make it for the lender to say “yes” to you, the easier your business life will be when you need to borrow money. So, we can help you to know what the lender is looking for so you can lay out the proper documentation needed to make the guy behind the desk at the bank feel comfortable that he won’t into trouble by saying “yes” to your loan request.

Get your business in compliance for Building Business Credit. When seeking credit for your business, your entity will be scrutinized for a number of things. Business Compliance is the first step and the foundation you have to build credit on. This should be the very first thing you do and best if performed, BEFORE you start building business credit. If you would like to work your way up to cash financing or bank loans, this is absolutely required. You will be able to get vendor lines with a print shop or Net 30 on a logo design, but in order to get true business credit and financing, your business will have to pass lender’s requirements.

Getting in compliance is easy and we can assist you with all of your business licenses, permits and formalities in one simple step. We do all the work and you just have to sign your business documents and we’ll send them in to the appropriate government agency so that you are ready to build corporate credit.

Business Compliance Program

You can opt to purchase our compliance program separate, or include it in your business credit building program. Either way, this is the first step to getting business credit. We offer 3 levels of service to get your business in compliance:

Order Business Licenses If you know your jurisdiction’s licensing and permit requirements for your type of business, we can give you all of the applications for you to complete and send in to the appropriate municipal or government office. $49.99
Custom Compliance Package We will perform a search for all necessary business licenses, permits and formalities that your jurisdiction requires for your type of business and products/services sold. You receive a complete package of forms to complete and mail in to the appropriate government office(s). $149.99
Custom Compliance Service We do all of the work for you. We will perform the search, assemble all of the documentation necessary and complete your applications, so that you only have to sign documents and send them back to us for processing. $249.99


There are approximately 100 of the most commonly required formalities, licenses and permits and all of them depend on your business type and products / services sold as well as your jurisdiction. With 50 states, hundreds of counties and thousands of cities, this is a huge investment of time. Some counties have zones where your business may, or may not, require a compliance item that the same business a mile way has a different requirement. Our system allows us to know immediately what type of formalities we need to provide and our professionals do the rest. This could take weeks to do on your own, or a few minutes on the phone and your business will be well on its way to building a separate credit profile.

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Without the free credit consultation, I would have purchased any credit builder program, but after talking to the counselors and being told about the world of business credit and having my options explained to me, I made a confident decision for my business. Without that, it could have taken me much longer to be where I am now. I have tens of thousands of dollars in credit lines and received a cash line from a bank in months. You have a great team!
John V. MaureCEO