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The chief aim of our corporate credit builder program is to properly build a credit profile utilizing the the corporate tax identification number instead of the social security number of the business owner. This keeps personal and business credit separate. Making a credit profile for  your business protects your cash reserves and protects your company from getting on the “no credit” or “high risk” credit lists of the credit reporting agencies, which can save you money.

Our award-winning business credit program can establish your corporate credit with multiple agencies that report to lenders. This can help you get as much money as possible, which can give a huge boost to your enterprise. We can help you get car leases, office space, equipment and other items that you need to establish and expand. The process can save you from the headaches caused by a cash crunch and can help give you financial peace of mind.

We offer a Business Credit Program that suit any business owner’s needs and goals. Whether you are looking to prepare your business for building credit, just need business credit cards or are looking to have the entire process handled for you and are seeking bank loans and cash financing. Our business credit professionals can assist you with reaching your financing goals.

Business Credit Program Features

You can choose from a variety of service levels, depending on your business credit program goals. We can prepare your business for building credit, get your business credit cards quickly or perform a complete service that will lead to bank loans and cash financing without personal guarantees. Each program comes with hands-on support from our experienced credit counselors.


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Custom Business Credit Programs

Is your business different? We can customize a business credit program, specifically for your needs. If you feel that your business needs don’t quite fit one of our program formats, please let us know and we will quote a custom credit program just for you.

Business Credit Steps

Where other business credit program providers only offer one program to every business owner, Corporate Credit Center will allow you to start up wherever you feel that your business need credit building help and resources – and you set your financing goals, whether that is specific credit that you need, or your goal is complete investor financing. 

Credit Program Recommendations

  • Business Compliance – For business owners who understand the world of business credit and are going to develop a separate credit profile on their own and need assistance with preparing their business with a complete compliance program.
  • Credit Profile – For business owners who have a strong foundation and are already in compliance that need assistance with getting accurate business credit profiles established with each agency and bureau.
  • Business Credit Cards and Trade Lines – For business owners who have established credit profiles for their company and need assistance with getting the right business credit card and vendor trade lines established, tier 1 business credit.
  • Bank and Cash Credit Lines For business owners who already have a strong foundation, accurate credit profiles and tier 1 credit activity that need assistance in achieving larger credit lines and access to cash financing through our network of creditors and hand-selection process.
  • Complete Business Financing Program – For business owners who would like assistance with the entire spectrum of business credit that need to get into compliance, establish credit profiles, achieve tier 1 business credit followed by bank loans and cash with the preparation to get investor, bank and venture capital for their company.

You choose your services and we do the rest. Corporate Credit Center is the only provider that will start up where you need it and get you to your financing goals when you need to.

Call our Business Credit Professionals today to discuss your financing goals: 1-800-830-1055

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    Without the free credit consultation, I would have purchased any credit builder program, but after talking to the counselors and being told about the world of business credit and having my options explained to me, I made a confident decision for my business. Without that, it could have taken me much longer to be where I am now. I have tens of thousands of dollars in credit lines and received a cash line from a bank in months. You have a great team!
    John V. MaureCEO