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Credit Profile Program

Build Your Business Credit Profile

Building your business credit profile can be accomplished in 30-60 days. Our program leads you through steps that make significant progress for establishing your business’ credit profile. Typically, this can take a business owner years, however with our process, you can do this in just weeks. With your help you can learn detailed information on how to build your business credit profile.


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How to Build a Business Credit Profile

Notice that we won’t say “just get business credit” anywhere when talking about building a credit profile. The goal here is to get your business entered into the credit bureaus’ systems, correctly and then establish the right kind of credit for your business.

  • What is the RIGHT kind of credit for your business? What kind of business do you conduct? What makes sense and looks credible on credit reports and activity? You are building your business’ credit worthiness, as well as your credit scores and profile.
  • What is the RIGHT kind of lender for your business? You want to make certain that you are getting credit from a lender that reports positive payment activity. Some creditors will only report negative activity… so having credit from one of those lenders does not build a credit profile, it could only hurt it. You want to seek out vendors that report to ALL of the bureaus or credit agencies, not just one. The more positive credit activity reported, the faster your business credit profile will grow.

Our Business Credit Profile Builder Program addresses all of these, and more, points that you should be aware of that help you get your business credit profile established quickly and accurately. Every minute that is spent working with lenders and applying for credit means that you are working with the right creditor and getting the right kind of credit for your business.

Credit Profile Building Services

  1. Obtain a D-U-N-S® Number: We will prepare and assist your business with it’s Dun and Bradstreet® process and assist with obtaining D-U-N-S® number that will be used to build business credit with Dun and Bradstreet®.
  2. Review Business Information Reports: We will purchase and review business information reports from all credit bureaus and make sure they are accurate and nothing negative is recorded about your business – if we find a discrepancy, we will assist with getting it corrected before building business credit.
  3. Creditor Selection: We will provide you a list of creditors that will provide you credit that make for significant progress with developing your business’ credit profile.
  4. Access to Financing: We have a database of lenders that we will give you access to as a member of our credit profile building program where you can connect with bank lenders, cash financing creditors and many more.
  5. Credit Monitoring: Our program includes monitoring your business credit report for accuracy and timely vendor reporting to build your credit scores.
  6. Paydex® Score Building: We will work with your business to achieve a Paydex® credit score of 75 or greater, which is very good business credit.

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    Without the free credit consultation, I would have purchased any credit builder program, but after talking to the counselors and being told about the world of business credit and having my options explained to me, I made a confident decision for my business. Without that, it could have taken me much longer to be where I am now. I have tens of thousands of dollars in credit lines and received a cash line from a bank in months. You have a great team!
    John V. MaureCEO